Being under the StarGate name is more than a title, its a badge of honor. Unlike other publishing houses, our hand picked team of scholars and entrepreneurs work closely with our clients to assist and aid them in their success. Our clients and authors don’t work with just one representative but the entire team is available to you 24/7.

We love to see our authors succeed and believe in a ‘one for all, all for one‘ mentality.

Keenan Booker
CEO & Founder
Phillip Quinn Jr.
Speaking Agent

Keenan Booker – Chief Executive Officer & Founder 
Contact: 702-806-7930

Keenan Booker is the CEO, Founder as well as an author at StarGate. He has written books as well as recorded albums underneath the alias THE GOD 720. Keenan was born in Chicago, Ill and was raised all around the country. This experience shaped Keenan’s diversity of thought and widen his cultural understanding to a profound level. His charismatic and magnetic personality as well as his iconic laugh and sense of humor has won over the hearts and minds of hundreds of people around the globe, with Keenan’s personal YouTube channel having received well over a million views. He is a natural born leader with tremendous scope and vision.  

Keenan has a large attraction to every subject underneath and above the sun. He has independently researched Anthropology, Biology, Astrology, Law, Psychology, Sociology, World History and Theology for over the span of a decade. He can do everything there is to do relative to a book as well as many other services. Keenan has written eight books and recorded eight albums all his own name. Keenan runs several successful entrepreneurial enterprises, performs guest lectures, interviews and has acted a independent researcher and creative consultant for shows pertaining to the medieval. He also has a love, interest and pride in all things pertaining to the city of Las Vegas. 

Five words that describe Keenan:
strength, integrity, leadership, compassion
 & drive

Favorite Book : Wired for War by P.W. Singer
Favorite Movie : The Godfather I, II & III
Favorite Album: The 7 Day Theory (or Makaveli) by Tupac Shakur
Role Model/Inspiring Figure: Franz Schmidt

Phillip Quinn Jr. – Speaking Agent 

Phillip Quinn Jr is a Southern California raised entrepreneur. Coming from a family with roots that go back to Shreveport Louisiana, has given him an authentic spirit of Southern Hospitality. Due to his up bringing, he is a natural lover and nurture of others. Phillip has an ability to interact with others in an empathetic and understanding manner. He has applied these natural abilities to reach out to the world by sharing his thought and passions via social media and has captured the hearts of many kindred spirits around the globe.

Through his efforts Phillip has developed great business relationships with other like minds and has executed many engagements that has benefited them financially. Phillip has much experience in motivating a managing a team in many retail and technical service environments. He has been a top salesman in retail and grossed over half a million in sales. This led him to be sent to other states to compete with other top salesmen/women. These interactions have shaped his logical mind into a well-polished business man. His consistent execution to complete a goal is electrifying, opening new doors of opportunity for others. 

Five words that describe Phillip:
commitment, integrity, love, fun & passion

Favorite Book :  Do You! by Russell Simmons
Favorite Movie : The Never Ending Story
Favorite Album: Watch The Throne by Jay-Z and Kanye West
Role Model/Inspiring Figure: 

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