Keenan Booker aka The God 720


Keenan Booker is an Author who has also written books underneath the alias THE GOD 720. He was born in Chicago, Ill and was raised all around the country. Keenan has a large attraction to every subject underneath and above the sun. He has independently researched Anthropology, Biology, Astrology, Law, Psychology, Sociology, World History and Theology for over the span of 10 years. He can do everything there is to do relative to a book as well as many other services. Further information can be found at www.KeenanBooker.com

Books Keenan Booker has written:

  • The Black Mans Bible
  • Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. I, II  III
  • The Ethereal Law
  • Real Nigga Etiquette
  • Real Nigga Etiquette: The VooDoo Edition
  • 7 The Book

Messiah’el Bey aka Warlock Asylum


Messiah’el Bey was born in Long Island, New York and has been a student of religious and spiritual sciences from an early age. He is widely known for his work as an artist that is recognized under the pseudonym Warlock Asylum. Bey is one of the few Moorish shamans initiated into the primal rites of ancient Mesopotamian spirituality and Shinto. Along with his exemplary understanding of such systems, Bey has spent over a decade in martial science and was recently recognized as a qualified teacher (Soke) of Ninzuwu sciences. He has written numerous books on the Art of Ninzuwu, conducts workshops, and uses his artistic abilities to help educate others in the arcane faith. Bey currently lives with his family in New York City. Further information can be found at https://warlockasylum.com/ 

Books Messiah’el Bey has written:

  • The Ivory Tablets of the Crow: A Translation of the Dup Shimati 
  • The Transfiguration of Holy Inanna
  • The Armor of Amaterasu
  • The Sacred Text of Ghost Dragon Kotodama
  • The Atlantean Necronomicon: Veils Of Negative Existence 
  • BuddhaNomicon: The Simon Necronomicon Unveiled Through The Art of Ninzuwu
  • The Moabites Stone: Moorish America’s Solution To The Problem Facing The Black Conscious Community
  • The Yi Jing Apocrypha of Genghis Khan: The Black Dragon Society’s Treatise on the Art of Ninzuwu
  • The Marie Lavea Corpus Text: Exploration into the Magical Arts of Ninzuwu as Dictated by Marie Laveau
  • The Oracle of Enheduanna 
  • Brooklyn Geisha
  • The Dark Knight of Nyarlathotep 
  • Santa Muerte: The Gnostic Bible of Holy Death
  • Whoredom Sutra: The Holy Qu’ran of Thelema 
  • The Genealogy of God: Shamanic Essays Concerning The Secret Origins of God